1920’s Film Star – Character Practice

I am going to be uploading some model making, and puppet painting practices. This character is the first in this practice, and is based on the silent film star, Louise Brooks. I did not aim for a likeness in the puppet, but used her delicate features and serene expression as a reference.



Process shots showing 1. Super Sculpey sanded, 2. Initial flesh tones, 3. white ‘powder’ and 4. 20’s make up and detail.



Colour shot of puppet head with experiments with eyelashes and costume.

I am pleased with the delicacy of the make up, her expression and general character, but could experiment more with wig techniques, glass eyes for more life and perhaps a hand next time. Also air brush techniques to apply the white powder make up evenly.


Below are some more experiments with costume. I imagined these were test shots for new ‘pictures’  she was going to make! And experiments in photoshop; trying to age the portraits, blur and … them to make them more accurate for the period.




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