Mystic Nanny – Character Practice

The second character created as practice for model making and puppet design. Again, I loosely based the idea on an existing character – this time Nanny Ogg from Terry Pratchett’s excellent books, but she ended up a little bit more mystical, and more of a wanderer, so I decided to take her to Priors Wood for a proper photo shoot!


Progress shots:

This time I was focusing on imperfections. The wrinkles, fat, pores and moles were so much fun to sculpt, I enjoyed this aim more than the smooth perfection I was seeking for the silent film character.


She has bird eyes, which I think made it tricky to get the expression I wanted on her face, but I sort of love her wild look, as if she is talking to you but thinking of otherworldly things at the same time.


I had to create and paint the hand in 2 hours as the sunlight I wanted to use for the shots was only sticking around for 1 day, so I would have liked to put a little more detail and depth to the wrinkles and knuckles. But I think it was useful to see if it were possible to create it with such a mad deadline!


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