Drag Queen

magenta ladies comboThis character started from a colour scheme of coffee and magenta I was drawn to. I doodled some poses and then began to make my next practice puppet.


She was made with Taxidermy eyes, Super Sculpey, acrylic paint (diluted with windowleen) and nail varnish for the make up details. Jewellery made from rose gold plated pendant links. Nails made of Epoxy resin and painted.


Progress shots: sculpting, sanding, then building up the layers of paint.

IMG_20170605_150655040Also inspired by watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race (who isn’t!) she ended upĀ being much more glamorous than the initial illustrations. It was far too much fun to start playing with glitter and fake lashes! Because of this high glamour style, I was worried she was beginning to have too much in common with a Bratz/Barbie face. But I think as Drag acts do teeter on the edge of a ‘doll face’, this is an appropriate comparison.





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